• Matt Jones of Blogging Fingers just recently released his first ever e-book, called Blog Monetization Strategies, that’s about … well yeah, you’ve guessed it, making money with your blog. The e-book is short, concise and extremely valued packed. Congrats again man!
  • If you’ve heard of Mixx before, but never got around using it, then you might want to hear out Chris Garrett’s opinion on the social media service. I fully agree with all his points and, hopefully, will soon make a complete migration from digg to mixx.
  • How does HE do it?
  • If you’re looking for alternatives to CPC networks, then CPM might be your thing and the find folks down at ProBlogger have graciously compiled a list of the most representative CPM networks, at present day.
  • One of my favorite bloggers, Al from SMM, just posted a very interesting article, on how you can expand your blog into, more or less, a portal. The respective tips aren’t necessarily aimed on blogs and can be applied on any type of website.
  • Writing content in advance can be extremely beneficial for your blogging, as Skellie can report. However blogging in advance has proved to be a impediment to me, due to lack of time or better yet, laziness. Guilty :(

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