• Patrick just recently wrote a very inspiring posts dubbed What you need to know about SEO in 2009. He points out that it gets increasingly harder for new comers to get a decent rank in search engines, while those who’ve started up early in a niche get easy traffic. He offers a few solutions though, the best being to think in advance.
  • Steve and Adnan from Blogtrepreneur teamed up to write up an awesome resource for online entrepreneurs, that work well for bloggers as well, to aid them. The post covers exactly 101 useful resources, ranging from tools, apps, tutorials, social media websites, ad networks and so on.
  • Here’s Darren with part 3 of his series about blog promotion from scratch. This time he’s tackled the point of paid advertisement, as a mean of publicity. A lot of bloggers kinda keep away from this particular promotion method, most probably because it employs paying from your pocket, but frankly it’s one of the best options for a rapid development plan.
  • Also this week Steven Snell wrote a very comprehensive resource for Pure Blogging, in which he laid down 99 ways to improve your blog. This should keep you busy for a while.
  • Skellie released a cool 27 pages long free ebook, called The Simple Web: A Philosophy for Getting What You Want.
  • Stop being in such a rush every time you blog. Take a minute and contemplate upon your post, before you hit the publish button. Actually here’s 10 questions every blogger needs to ask himself before posting by copyblogger.
  • Shankar just wrote a pretty nifty resource comprised of 10 brilliant firefox extensions you probably didn’t knew existed. Most of us bloggers use Firefox so I’m sure some of you’ll find it valuable.

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  1. Shankar Ganesh

    Thanks a lot for linking to my post on FF extensions.

    You’ve mentioned some other useful posts here, I gotta check them out :)

  2. krossfire

    Along with a potential Web 3.0 and with more and more Google Beta features comes the logical question : Will SEO be necessary in 3 years ?

  3. Tibi Puiu

    @Shankar: no problem man, glad you’ve found some the links useful
    @krossfire: Organic search engine traffic will always be among the most “healthiest” and valuable kinds of traffic, but if you’re asking about traditional SEO, then I’m inclined to agree that it will slowly fade away. Nowadays, however, the Social Media Seo or SEO web 2.0 is rapidly taking shape, so I guess that would be the future and I’m actually willing to take a bet in three years that will be the #1 choice for search engine optimization.

  4. Adnan

    Thanks for the linklove Tibi!

  5. Nascar

    great blog, very interesting information.

  6. Pilot Guy

    Thanks for pointing out article on SEO in 2009 :-)

  7. Virgen Deroven

    This paragraph concerning SEO gives clear idea designed for new SEO viewers that how to do Search engine optimization, thus keep it up. Good work

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