• Pro Blogger is preparing us fro Christmas, by intending to write a series of posts on how to prepare your blog for the last bigest holiday of the year.
  • Skellie wrote a two part article, that I simply loved and learned from, about picking flickr photos for your blog post. The article teaches your how to find the best photos, which photos you’re allowed to edit or post, how to credit and write captions etc. Part 1 and 2.
  • I’m a little late with this Marco, but I really didn’t have the time to link back to your. Anyway Marco Richter, a experienced internet entrepeneur, just compiled a list of top blogging blogs, in which LOAB is present as well.
  • Skellie‘s, written another excellent post,this time for Daily Blog Tips, this time about long term strategy for your blog. I found the article very good, because I was thinking of a long term developing and posting strategy for my network of blogs and this just hit the spot.
  • Wayne Liew, back at his blog, asks a very interesting question: will your blog be around for long? Well long enough :). The post includes a few good tips on how to persevere and stay motivated with your writing, well worth the read.
  • Cip from Butterfly Media, just interviewed me as part of his series of blogger interviews. The questions were well put and I tried to answer them as clearly and best as I could. Also check out this insanely awesome post Cip made a few days, can’t quite explain it, better see it for yourself :D.

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