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A sticky blog is generally a blog that causes repeated visits from a user, in a regular fashion. Basically there are a couple of important elements a blog has, that combined, incite a reader into browsing further through your content, make more hits and regularly return to your blog, ultimately converting into a subscriber, commenter, affiliate etc. So it’s vital you take the necessary steps in improving your blog appeal if you want to build a community around it.

How do I make my blog sticky for my readers? That’s a question I get a lot of times in my email box or whenever I go to a blogging conference. It’s a very important issue, one that deserves a well detailed post of its own. Here’s a few pointers you should take to improve your blog’s stickiness:

1. Excellent Content. Nothing beats good old fashion unique and remarkable content, often targeted users that are browsing your website will ignore any other flaws it may have and focus on what actually your blog has to offer. After all that’s the real reason they’re there for: content. Of course if a first time reader is browsing through your blog and you fail to gain his attention in the first 5 seconds, you’ll probably lose him. That’s why we have to concentrate on other aspects as well.

2. Accessible Design. Forget about any complicated design, you may be used to your blog design, but what about your readers? Put yourself in the eyes of your readers and try to set up your blog as accessible as possible. Highlight your main categories, make your content stand out, use a clean and attractive theme etc.

3. Offer Subscribing Options. If you really want those readers to come back a few time a week a great way is to turn them into subscribers. Give them the option of subscribing via RSS or email to your blog’s content and make it easy for them to access it. Optionally you can write weekly newsletters, with exclusive content for your subscribers.

4. Images In Posts. People underestimate the importance of images and photos in blogposts; they catch the readers attention and stand out, most of the time enticing users to read on. It’s important to choose relevant images to your blogposts, at best that summarizes what your content is all about. Lorelle has compiled a excellent list of royality free photo resources. I personally prefer to get mine from

5. Frequent Posting. Nothing will get people to revisit your blog better then regular update remarkable content. Make yourself a posting schedule and stick to it; don’t go and post tens of articles in a week and then 3 the next one, it’s a major turn down.

6. Reader Interaction. That means turning on commenting on your blog and interact with your readers. Respond to your reader’s questions politely and frequently or else people will think you’re a snob of some sort.

7. Interlinking and Highlighting Your Posts. Whenever you mention a post or news you did previously be sure to link to it, don’t be lazy, it will let first time visitors know what you’re talking about and drastically improve your pageviews. Also add a feature like “Top Articles” or “Best Of”, don’t be shy and show off your best work; you’ll convert that first time reader in a subscriber in no time.

8. Add a Search Function (MUST HAVE). This is a really pressing issue for me, it really bugs me whenever I stumble upon a few blogs that have really great content, but whenever I want to look for something I have to browse through hundreds of pages by hand. If  that sounds familiar do your readers a favor and add a search function ASAP.

9. Build Series Posts. This never fails in bringing back repeated visits. Just post some great content and divide it into a series of posts, of moderate length. If people like what you’re writing they’ll be returning every day, hungry for more. Don’t keep them to long waiting though, be sure to have a posting schedule for the series.

These would be some of the most important tips on stickifing your blog; if you know any other pointers i might have mist, feel free to share. Also I’ll be continuing the post, during this week, with some important wordpress plugins that will help in building a more reader sticky blog.

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