• 99 Resources for Web 2.0 Design. This is another excellent resource, from the inexhaustible Steven Snell, that provides the means for any designer to find any badge, button, logos, icons, gradients and other miscellaneous web 2.0 stuff.
  • Social Media in a Nutshel. In his latest article Maki makes a excellent point stating “social media marketing is not merely about hitting the frontpage of Digg or any other social news website. It is a strategic and methodical process to establish your influence, reputation and brand within communities of potential customers, readers or supporters.” Couldn’t agree more.
  • How To Innovate By Solving Problems. One of my favorite bloggers lately is Skelliewag, she always writes excellent, insightful posts and never fails to deliver. This is the case as well with her latest work, in which she talks a bit on how you can outrank your kingsized competition through innovation.
  • 537 Great Resources That Creates Your Professional Web 2.0 Blog. This is much like the resource Steven compiled a few points above, just a bit more thorough. Great work Etienne !
  • Pro-blogger T-shirts! Darren just launched his new improve T-shirt shop, where you can buy some really bad ass gear :D.

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