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Here at LOAB I always try to write in depth and insightful articles, sharing my experience in the field of blogging and social media. This information usually comes at a stiff financial cost from consultants, but I give it away for free! I also have a no-ad policy concerning my blog, this means you won’t see any kind of advertisment on the blog, in any form be it banners, links or paid reviews.

Do I have something against paid advertisement, concerning blogs? Not all, actually I own a few other niche blogs on which I use advertisement, but It’s just that there’s too much advertisement running around in the meta-blogging and make money online environment. So a clean blog can really be a breath of fresh air, in such a messy and polluted environment. However, this leaves LOAB 0$direct income. Actually I’m losing money, because I have to pay a pretty big hosting bill (thanks guys for all the traffic :P).

Why Should I Donate ?

  1. To support my work. Whenever I gain a faithful reader, that comments and stays subscribed to my blog, I always get a warm feeling inside and feel satisfied. However from time to time it’s nice to get some financial support as well. The bills won’t get paid by themselves you know and seeing as this blog doesn’t possess any means of direct monetization any help is highly appreciated.
  2. To help me keep this blog ad-free. As long as I’m in charge of this blog, you’ll never see any kind of advertisement on it. However, like I’ve already said, it’s really hard running it simply on passion alone.
  3. To motivate me. Donations are a sign that my writing is truly appreciated. This will help me focus more on my articles, thus I’ll be able to write better and more useful articles in the future.

Any amount, no matter how small, will be appreciated. Donations can be made via paypal, using the button bellow. Thank you in advance for your generous donations!

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