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LAOB is blog that aims to help bloggers improve their writing and over perception of the blogging phenomenon. On the blog it’s most likely you’ll find at least a few articles that will catch your eye and add a bit of value to your knowledge baggage.

If you’ll take the time to browse through our archives, you can find intriguing posts on blogging efficiency, productivity, monetization, writing or social media.

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Currently, LAOB is just a one man show, all content being written by me, namely Tibi Puiu. I’m a young internet entrepreneur who saw the great potential in internet marketing and a even greater one in blogs, spending a lot of time documenting myself on how they work, how to build one and how to eventually monetize a blog.

I first started off blogging out of curiosity, but soon found myself addicted to it, becoming more then a hobby, turning into a passion. During my first years of blogging I’ve definitely learned a lot. No one’s born skillful or wise, thus we learn from our mistakes and the harder we fall, the stronger we get. To tell you the truth I’ve fallen into pretty deep holes myself. That’s why I feel I should share my past experiences and expertise in the field of blogging, so Lost Art Of Blogging was born at the beginning of September 2007.

A few years back I opened up my own blog network, with my associate Andrei, called ZME Media, where we admin a couple of awesome blogs from various niches. We’ve definitely learned a lot since we first began working on the working, this being the place where I managed to define my blogging background. Recently, we’ve decided to expand our reach, so we opened up an office and now do development, design (both for web and print) and consultancy on social media strategy and internet marketing. Hit us with a line, if you need any help. We’d be glad to hear you out.

Other then that I love partying with my friends, listening to good music (check out my profile), watching movies, reading a good a book and lots of other things. Just about anything involving having a great time.

If you’d like to get in touch with me you can contact me via my contact form or by directly sending me a e-mail to tibipuiu [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can also find me at:

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