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WordPress is undoubtedly the leading blogging platform in the world, hands down. I’ve experimented with a lot of blogging CMS, from blogger, to drupal, to typepad and none came close (although I hold a particular fondness for typepad) to the versatility, reliability and support that WordPress offers. Yesterday night, the fine people from WP released […]

Photo by scaamanho I’ve been blogging for a pretty long time now (give or take, 2 years) and in that time I’ve managed to see, experience and experiment a lot of things in the social media field, particularly in blogging. Because social media is such a volatile industry, in which new promising services pop out […]

Patrick just recently wrote a very inspiring posts dubbed What you need to know about SEO in 2009. He points out that it gets increasingly harder for new comers to get a decent rank in search engines, while those who’ve started up early in a niche get easy traffic. He offers a few solutions though, […]

Photo by More Altitude Sometimes I like to think of blogs like people, because, due to their high social profile, they resemble in so many ways their human authors. Actually blogs are you want them to be, you dictate what gets posted and by doing so your blog takes on the meaning you give it, […]

Al from SMM, just landed a great article on his blog, detailing ten almost ten ways to expand your blog on the net. Out of the points listed in the article I think a forum and job board would work best. Two similar minded articles caught my attention this week, one from Maki who asks […]

Photo by Mike_3D A few weeks ago I had the unpleasant surprise of finding out that my blog got automatically hacked by spam bots, due to a WordPress exploit, and in course also got infected with malware. Google, vigilant as always, was quick on scanning LOAB for any malicious software, found some corrupted code and […]

Matt Jones of Blogging Fingers just recently released his first ever e-book, called Blog Monetization Strategies, that’s about … well yeah, you’ve guessed it, making money with your blog. The e-book is short, concise and extremely valued packed. Congrats again man! If you’ve heard of Mixx before, but never got around using it, then you […]

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