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Photo by turtlemom4bacon For most of us blogging is a labor of love, personally, it’s one of my few productive activities in which I take pleasure in. Most of all I love the fact that I can make my voice felt and known in the world, I actually help make a difference in the world; […]

Last week’s hack not only gave me a big scare, but it also got me flagged by Google. As you read in the respective post, I’ve taken all the necessary steps to assure I get unbanned, which hopefully will happen soon. The experience has been very helpful and I will definitely follow-up with a post,  […]

Last week I got hacked by some kind of automated system, that exploited a glitch in WordPress. The end result was a post lost, after it got filled with spam links advising me to buy all sorts of stuff for my “phallus,” after which I quickly deleted the post. Today however to my surprise I […]

Photo by BigFrank I’ve always been asked for advice by people thinking about starting and in turn running multiple blogs. Jasa for example is the last one to ponder such a question to me: Anyway, say that someone is really passionate and skilled in 2 or more niches. And presume that all those niches are […]

As a side note I’ve been hacked this week by someone or something. Scary, yeah I know, luckily the hacker didn’t manage to produce a lot of damage. That’s why you should always keep backups kids! note to self: write a post on this. Blogstorm just released a wonderful new WordPress plugin, that’s sure to […]

Photo by zackschenpf A lot of people that I know have been considering launching a blog of their own, be it for fun, necessity or money, what most of them ask me, however, is in what area or niche to start in. Inspired by their questions I’ve decided to do a write up on the […]

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