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Caroline Middlebrook, a work from home Internet entrepeneur, has just released her first e-book, called “How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress.” The e-book is fairly short, 46 pages, and does well to guide a newbie from installing WordPress on a domain to fine tuning it to eventually building content for the WordPress blog. […]

Photo by jackieb163 A delicate problem every blogger is facing at present date, is the issue of content theft. Notice I said every blogger, as no blog is spared of copyright theft, no matter how big or small it is. It’s a question of when, not if, so it’s important to realize that’s imperative you […]

Photo by BottleOfPills I’ll admit it. I will probably never be as successful a blogger as someone like John Chow but that doesn’t mean I have nothing worthwhile to say. I am a blogger that does something 95% of you are already doing. I blog about something other than blogging. Since starting my blog,, […]

Photo by taylorkoa22 We as consumers, most of the time, fail to see the importance of branding, because we simply don’t really think about it. We just seem to go with the flow and in the process, are letting brand names become synonyms with day to day activities, in our lives. Take Nike, one of […]

Yesterday night, Google updated the Page Rank and back links for websites. From what I’ve read the process isn’t over yet, and some data centers are still to be processed. No change here at LOAB, but I’m happy one of my blogs got a 0 to 4 PR. Discussions over the subject here and here. […]

Everyone knows that starting a new blog from scratch is tough, but anyone who’s been blogging for enough time, will tell you that keeping your posting pace and readers is even a harder task. The problem is that, there’s a time in any blog’s life, when it simply stagnates, in all possible ways: traffic, subscribers, […]

Photo by risquillo And with it, more hope of better things to come; after all, this is a time for rebirths and new beginnings. At least I know my life and agenda will definitely change a lot this year, as I’m moving to another city for collage, which should either mean I’ll have a heck […]

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