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Photo by Claudia1967 We live in busy times, with people having less and less time on their hands. This is partly due to the excess of information we’ll subjected to, as a result of media development and the now seemingly infinite internet. It’s a bit of a paradox that we’re more and more pressed by […]

Photo by Orli Yakuel In the process of promoting and creating exposure for a blog, social media holds a very special and important place for any respectable blogger. Through it’s vast user base and notoriety, social media can easily catapult any obscure blog from anonymity to popularity. It’s also a great mean to generate fast […]

Pro Blogger is preparing us fro Christmas, by intending to write a series of posts on how to prepare your blog for the last bigest holiday of the year. Skellie wrote a two part article, that I simply loved and learned from, about picking flickr photos for your blog post. The article teaches your how […]

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