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“Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.” ~Willaim Penn I admit, I’m guilty of unproductive behavior and wasting time with nonsense everyday, but I know when, what and how to work better then most people. Time is nonrecoverable, so it’s best to make every second count, it’s one of the few […]

Well I just woke up a few minutes ago and to my surprise I saw that had a PR 4, from 0. I quickly checked my other blogs and noticed while some stagnated, a few got a surplus(PR5 is my biggest one.) Two weeks ago, I predicted a total PR update on 28 October […]

Well I’ve been away these past days, with work over my head and a very important, off town internet copywriting conference and like most of the time I’m afk, something big happens. Yeah, if you don’t live underneath a rock or something you’d know by now about the infamous Google slamming. They’ve literally handed out […]

69 Tools to Monitor, Measure, and Track Your Website – Steve Snell has yet again made a excellent post, this time he’s compiled a huge list of tools that help you maintain, overview and improve your blog. How To Launch A Blog Network – This insightful post by Darren Rowse makes a response to David’s […]

Last week I dwelt upon the important factor of blog stickiness. I talked about what it exactly means in plain English and how to improve your overall blog, so it’s more appealing to repeated visitors. This time, like I promised in my previous post, I’ll be covering some WordPress plugins that, when combined and used […]

For the past weeks, months even on every blog I read or stumble upon there was a post regarding the latest Google PageRank update and it’s really begun to be annoying. Webmasters and bloggers alike have begun to obsess over PR, checking their backlinks frequently and engaging in never ending PR update forum threads. I […]

Kris Larson from Blogging Tips wrote a interesting article for you freelancers out there, concerning the amount of money you should charge for your services. Things to take into consideration include: research time, posting schedule, the niche etc. Darren Rowse of has another splendid idea: community blog consulting. Basically what he’s trying to do […]

A sticky blog is generally a blog that causes repeated visits from a user, in a regular fashion. Basically there are a couple of important elements a blog has, that combined, incite a reader into browsing further through your content, make more hits and regularly return to your blog, ultimately converting into a subscriber, commenter, […]

Friday Quickies

Blogging Tips with a new look – Looks like re-designs are at fashion lately, after Daily Blog Tips just made drastic makeover, it’s time for Kevin Muldoon’s blog to try a new look, a temporary one from the looks of it. Oh and Yaro Stark is thinking of one as well, go figure. Abstract Promotion […]

As a blogger one of your main goals should be to get as much backlinks as possible from other blogs, through any means necessary. A way to achieve this is through, what is commonly known as “link baiting.” I short link bait is remarkable and “sticky” content that has a large probability of getting linked […]

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